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I read a post about children being better behaved in the past because they were spanked; now children have no respect because they aren't. My 3 year old daughter threw a fit before bed. What does the child learn in this situation? I learned early just how vile it is to spit on someone and have never ever done it again. I believe if moms are given more support and even a tiny break it helps to get her rested and make her more able to handle her children tantrums.

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Not every child is the same.

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Spanking - reason children were well-behaved in the past

But i knew the reason why i was spank at that time. But the point is that violence should not be used in that manner. And for most of my life I believed her. Spoiled and out of control. Millions of years spanking worked.

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no respect spank
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no respect spank
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