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I'll give you anything you want, just name it! And that was from a time when right-wing nut-jobs were in the minority. That he did is not in question, but the question of just what part of his soul was missing is important, and not just for an examination of IBM's business dealings. Tyson Fury casts some unexpected light from the darkest of places The Guardian. As good an actor as Jack Webb was, he just couldn't "call cadence" like a real Marine Drill Instructor. Subscribe to this thread:.

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When issues happened to be discussed, producer Jack Webb always made sure that those who expressed views contrary to his were depicted as almost clownish, using every cliche the Silent Majority had come to know, loathe and fear.

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Jack Webb's portrayal of the Marine drill instructor shaping new recruits in basic training requires no interpretation. He does a great job of barking out the semi-comical venom of the DI, yet gives a layered performance of a man who's life has been defined by the Marine Corps yet somehow feels he wants more. The ever-humorless Joe Friday Jack Webb was never someone you might imagine hanging out with on a Saturday night, but near the end of the series he was showing signs of coming apart at the seams. In Hollywood not having a publicist is the most self destructive thing you can do next to bankrolling a Jean Claude Van Damme movie! I found this site by happen chance, when I was looking for other Marine Corps films. As you fellow Marines remember, when the DI or who ever started to ask a question and before they completed it, you had already taken your breath of air enabling you to yell at the top of your lungs the proper response.

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