Froggy the stripper

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Kristin Chenoweth recently spoke with Fox News Magazine about her newest film, "Rio 2," in which she plays a cartoon frog — and even she can't believe the resemblance. It's unsettling, and that is rare -- rare, rare. And more keeps coming. You know, just like in the Bible. The explicitly brutal, day-in-the-life love story about two junkies is playing here through May Closest to the bone.

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After a Scottish play about heroin addiction comes this new American piece by Adam Rapp that offers a mixture of drugs, degradation and defecation, and gives us a less-than-beguiling glimpse of New York's lower depths.

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As grim as it gets

It's unknown whether Lindsay broke the other cardinal rule of strip clubs by telling the dancer that she loves her. As his girlfriend Froggy, a former stripper who now turns tricks to feed her heroin habit, observes - he "can't walk more than a block without pooping his pants". That's what happens when professional opportunities start piling up like so many doughnuts off a conveyor belt. He's set it, persuasively, in high Victorian times, and achieves just the right blend of rough comedy and enchanting magic. He was, admittedly, not much of a reader or writer until college, and after graduating, he moved to New York where he lived with his brother for a time and started writing fiction.

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froggy the stripper
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froggy the stripper
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