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Some prisoners have confessed to taking violent revenge on their abusers, inspired both by anger and by a desire to escape further abuse. Another Texas inmate who tried on several occasions to fight off sexual assaults told Human Rights Watch that he could map out on his body the consequences of resisting his abusers: Where I got into it with more "ABs". Past studies have found that prison staff counsel prisoners to respond to the threat of sexual assault by fighting the aggressor. As one inmate explained: My pride feels beaten to a pulp.

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Byrd, a disabled African American, was killed by three white men, two of whom had been released from Texas prison the previous year.

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The grim truth of being gay in prison

I am a 26 year old White Boy who don't have anybody, but a lot of anger! Letter to Human Rights Watch from P. I was put in prehearing detention. I wasn't ready for the clique action. Although invisible, the psychological effects of prison rape are serious and enduring: Before you conclude that prisoners simply get what they deserve, read below for some of the shocking ways that prisons torture inmates in modern times. If inmates refuse to fight, officers threaten them with rape and other acts of violence.

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