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As someone who edits in the industry, I would never be involved in this stuff. And I couldn't help but wonder how God could have let that happen, because if there was anyone that deserved being healed, it was this beautiful, wonderful, loving woman, and he took her life. It wasn't just that, they'd spit on me, slap me, and one of them even choked me while he was fucking me. People need to understand that, psychologically, this is a situation that isn't as easy as just saying no and calling it quits in the middle of the shoot. It's almost like these guys get off more on the power to push people around than anything else. I can relate, since I also did some photography work for some softcore sites.

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This is how they all got there.

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Unfortunately, this all went on at the dawn of the AIDS era in NYC and within a few years most of the girls that hung out at Bernard's would wind up dead. This time I showed up like a seasoned pro, a wise and stoic champion of Gloryhole Hustlers. Just go on the Internet and lie? One by one they came back with huge smiles on their faces, and when they made the next call, I jumped at the opportunity to be the 3rd, like the helpful gentleman had recommended. After a vigorous and glorious session, a blew my sins into a napkin and decided to actually go to the Gloryhole Hustlers website and read up on them.

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meek girl first time glory hole
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meek girl first time glory hole
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3 thoughts on “Meek girl first time glory hole

  1. Erica's face is so full of botox she has the same facial expression. What a shame she had to do that just to stay in porn.

  2. also she saod tht she feels left out while johnny is out banging other chicks and she is at home not getting dicked.. so in this way they are both equal lol