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This tradegy happened on Kj November 2, Number two, how were any of the above people to know that the child was sick? I don't know from where this rumor originated, but by using common sense people would know that there isn't a single news story on Sam Allred a. Will Cuppy was born on August 23, and died on September 19,

Diana November 4, 3:

Is Sam the Cuppy Cake boy dead?

Puck loves the chubby girl. If you mean fat, the muscle doesn't actually turn into fat, instead, the fat cells get larger and overtake the muscle mass. Did Sam Allred die aka the cuppy cake boy or cuppy cake Sam? His name is Job Mccully and he isn't dead, but does suffer from Leukemia. Sorry for horrible typing sometimes i type to fast bahhaaa and oh yea no effense but hes not like fat.

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