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Snow camping in the backcountry and wondering how to poo? Ieropoulos is currently developing the technology so that it can be used pretty much anywhere. Deposit your poo, fill the hole in, and cover it up with dirt and ground matter. This is just the part where we tell you that human urine is much less dangerous than human fecal matter. You can and should limit the spread of your glorious gut microbiome throughout the hills and valleys of the backcountry. Or they could be powered by food wastes.

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Like the semiconductor wire, the bacterial ones also can transport electrons.

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Powered by poop and pee?

These systems use oxygen-breathing bacteria — or aerobes — to clean the leftover water and break down any waste that remains in it. They attach themselves to the filaments using nanowires. It attracts negatively charged particles. Living in a biofilm is one way microbes protect themselves from stressful agents such as poisons in their environment. But their size limits the number of places they can be used.

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pee inside poo poo hole
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pee inside poo poo hole

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