Guys with shaved armpits

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In the early s — a research study found that the odor of the armpit was significantly reduced when men shaved their underarm hair. Odor samples were collected by wearing cotton pads in the armpits for 24 hours. Readers of Men's Health US voted, and the answer was clear: If you have hair on the straighter side, Whitely recommends cutting down to an inch or a little less, but keep at least three-fourths of an inch left to prevent prickly, scratchy hair. A shaved underarm would therefore reduce the unappealing body odor of a man. The participants were asked to avoid the following activities at least 2 days before odor samples were collected: How to shave off your beard.

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The odor returned as the hair grew back.

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Should you shave your armpits?

Getty A version of this article originally appeared on menshealth. Some others were asked to shave both armpits every other day. Grooming How do I get rid of nose hair? Only in one experiment — the first one — was the shaved armpit group voted as more pleasant, more attractive and less intense than unshaved armpits. The cotton pads were presented to a group of women who volunteered to rate the odor of the men. Can't find the email? A version of this article originally appeared on menshealth.

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guys with shaved armpits
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guys with shaved armpits
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