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I'm an '88er so i'm no old timer, but still. Did anyone ever play this game back in the day? Keep in mind that at the time we were viewing this, we had nothing better to compare it to. I think most of us went through that Hentai "phase" I really don't like my younger self

The creator of Orgasm girl made Orgasm Girl 2, and the difficulty is toned down by a lot.

Orgasm Girl

Nov 11, 4. They also had similar games on adult swim. I found out as a teenager that on our cable box, if I ordered a pay-per-view movie, and switched the channel within 2 minutes and never went back, we wouldn't get billed for it. PCJNov 11, I still don't know how i did it but managed to get it on with everyone in one playtrough and got the Angel ending on top of that.

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