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After the events of the " Flashpoint " series, the history of the DC Universe was altered, resulting in The New Her soul-self can travel long distances. Raven stars in a five-issue miniseries written by Marv Wolfman, with art by Damion Scott. Then she reveals her soul-self to Headcase, terrifying and in so defeating him. While it was her inner darkness that scarred her entire life, she was even more frightened of what her love for Beast Boy might cause her to do. She remembered that the rules of this active contest was that the girl couldn't touch the boys dick with her mouth but it said nothing about their balls so she decided to give attention to them using her patented Starfire Special Mouth Torture Technique. Cut to Cyborg yelling "Going down in!

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Arella fled with her daughter to Azarath where the monks taught her how to control her dark side and avoid Trigon's influence on her.

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Raven (DC Comics)

For a period of time, Raven lost control several times in stressful situations, but managed to regain control before Trigon could assert himself. She is affected along with many of the other Titans by these three beings. Raven appeared possessed by her evil conscience and attempted to implant Trigon's seed into new bodies. Wyld is eventually destroyed by Static. The Titans were manipulated to kill Raven, thereby allowing the souls of Azarath contained inside the ring of Azar to possess her and use her as a channel to kill Trigon. Cry for JusticeRaven left the team and was promptly attacked by a demonic being calling itself "Wyld".

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raven having sex with robin
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