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Campy--not scary The Lost Boys is the epitome of 80's "horror," with all the campiness and absurdity that you'd expect. The worst of it is that they're kissing. Based on 15 reviews. I didn't notice that he said the same things, but I did notice he said the same kind of things; that is, lame one-liners. I know what's scary and what isn't. Unless of course in the years of visiting his grandfather in Santa Carla, he's learned about Hudson's Bluff. And of course, vampires.

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But David doesn't shoo Michael away as you might expect.

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Parent reviews for The Lost Boys

Some folks have argued that Lucy asks Star "Who are you? The only way to return her humanity is to kill the head vampire, before Nicole kills anyone. I'll just say that I have mixed feelings about whether it should have been, because if it wasn't Shane, that makes the plot Chris ends up in the shower with a hot chick named Lisa, and Nicole spends some time with Shane. Additionally, the host who lets Lucy use the restaurant phone is black. And since they never speak, the third criteria, which is that they talk about something other than men, doesn't apply. That would certainly explain the dramatic tension between David and Michael.

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lost boys sex scene
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