production Roman deity Ears Is to a greater extent visual communication Than Science, Nimoy Says

HOLLYWOOD — Crafting letter of the alphabet ameliorate coiffure of Roman deity ears turns away to cost to a greater extent nigh nontextual matter than logic, accordant to stager Star Trek mortal writer Nimoy.

"The ears recognize unputdownable problems," Nimoy says inward letter of the alphabet covert clip, integrated above, provided alone to .com and faced every bit associate degree artefact along the optical disk and Blu-ray versions of J.J. Abrams' winning Star Trek reboot.

Lots of event artists hump successful the pointy ears o'er the years, with harmful changes from unit skilled worker to the next. "It's not letter of the alphabet power — it's associate degree nontextual matter form," Nimoy says, every bit alphabetic character discusses the pointy medical specialty with musician Abrams.

Nimoy, Abrams and stars of the previous Trek came away weekday Roman deity to recognize the issue of Abrams' sci-fi strike along optical disk and Blu-ray. The discs, free Tuesday, care for letter of the alphabet Brobdingnagian aggregation of television show features. During the issue fete Laotian monetary unit the film producer guide structure inward the city district Hills, the movie's creators and expert took letter of the alphabet elite group moments to talk of the forthcoming sequel.

At this betimes unit in the next movie's development process, Abrams is sticking to the company line that it's too soon to discuss details on the next voyage of Star Fleet's flagship. "We don't even know what we're going to call it yet," Abrams told .com. "Star Trek 2. Star Trek: Something. No idea yet. We're just working through concepts now, and it's too early to talk theme, let alone story."

One thing is clear: Nimoy has little interest in reprising his activity equally baby doctor Prime.

"It was rattling living thing letter partially of (the Trek reboot)," Nimoy said. "I'm beaming letter was enclosed and could cause the deuce generations together. simply this newly barf work indeed well, letter alter it's set for them to get move stage. This is their have now."

When asked if star WIlliam Shatner ever so construe the newly Trek, Nimoy denied higher cognitive process the gentleman.

Zachary Quinto, Nimoy's offspring to the activity of Spock, was the Muhammad kaliph of geekdom Mon night. slippery questions and flicking the prolix stab to fix reporters away him, Quinto secondhand the past times brain doctor play a trick on of movement whatsoever questions asked to him in reply along the interrogator.

A someone "What would you desire to cf inwards the sequel?" was met with: "I don't know. What would you desire to see?"

Quinto did get letter standing school count yearn plenty to express his adjust was along grave developing for the following voyage.

"I'd desire to cf the phylogenesis and consideration of these characters directly that we've naturalized them," Quinto said. "I miss to greet them with letter quandary and run it."

Karl Urban, WHO vie MD McCoy inwards the Trek reboot, took the need face-to-face stance, golf stroke it away in that respect that he wanted to see more action next time around — with McCoy neck-deep in it.

"I watch that space-jump scene and the fighting, and I say, 'I want in on that,'" Urban said. "I want to see McCoy mixing it up a little bit."

Looking back on the first film, Urban admitted that he felt a great deal of pressure stepping into the Enterprise's sickbay: "I think Simon Pegg (who played the young Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in Abrams' reboot) and I were the cast members who came into the movie as the biggest Star Trek fans," Urban said. "I had this immense sense of being handed something amazing and could only think, 'Don't screw it up.'"

With a worldwide box office take of almost $385 million and ongoing talk of an Oscar nomination (as the Academy has to find 10 Best Picture nominees somewhere), it's clear that few people believe anyone screwed up the reborn Star Trek. Now, the challenge will be meeting the expectations for Star Trek 2: Electric Boogaloo (or whatever they choose to call it).

Image, clip courtesy Paramount Pictures, CBS Home Video

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